Reed Reviews

Reed Naiper has to be one of my favorite “celebrities” of the modern era.  Although his Youtube channel features a lot of standard fare such as video game walkthroughs, in my opinion Reed shines brightest during his product reviews.  “Casual Gamer Reed”, as he’s known online, offers his unbiased (and unedited) thoughts on a range of products from the driver’s seat of his car, which is usually stationed in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart Supercenter.  Whether or not Reed actually lives in his car has yet to be determined.

In my mind, it’s a sure sign that the American dream is alive and well if a young man is able to build a successful brand by extolling the virtues of a McDonald’s M&M Flurry, or discussing the finer points of a Little Debbie Happy Camper Cake.  When faced with such a budding culinary genius, it’s entirely possible for one to overlook the man’s terrible taste in collegiate sports teams.

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