Short Fiction

I Was a Teen-Age Wolf Cub

originally appeared in Everyday Weirdness, April 2010

reprinted in Larks Fiction, January 2012

The Shareholders’ Meeting

originally appeared in Wanderings, October 2010

reprinted in Bewildering Stories, May 2012


originally appeared in Golden Visions, January 2011

reprinted in Cast of Wonders, September 2014

One Hundred Years of Servitude

originally appeared in Bent Masses, July 2011

reprinted in Pressboard Press, October 2012

#486: The Backlight Conspiracy

originally appeared in Evertalis, October 2011

reprinted in Pressboard Press, April 2012

reprinted in Fine Lines, Summer 2012

The Gumshoe

Fiction 365, June 2012

The Great Game

These stories were originally featured at Cast of Wonders as a serialized story which ran monthly during 2012.  The collection is now available as a complete e-book which includes links to all the original podcasts.

Episode 1: Khyber

Episode 2: The Great Game

Episode 3: The Empty Quarter

Episode 4: In the Bowels of the Sick Man

Episode 5: The Dark Continent

Episode 6: When Stars Fall

Episode 7: The Mustard Wrym

The Spite Fence

originally appeared in Shelf Life, October 2012

reprinted in Dew on the Kudzu, June 2015

The Dark Night

The Oddville Press, February 2014

Polar Opposites

The Oddville Press, February 2015

Purple Prose

7×20, April 2016

The Last Hunt

The Oddville Press, April 2017

Bleeding Marlborough

Wilderness House Literary Review, October 2017

The Wal-Mart Diaries (Les Journaux Wal-Mart)

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, February 2018